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The Story of Piccadilly Bath & Body

When It All Began...

Like many great stories creations, ours started out of pure necessity.

"I always seemed to have trouble with dry skin and had even started developing a rash on my cheeks. I tried a lot of different products from various stores, hoping each time that it would help me have clear skin. What I found, though, were commercial products loaded with chemicals, detergents, petroleum, and alcohol, all of which irritated my skin. I decided I had to try something different; there must be something better out there, right? But there wasn't. So... I began making my own natural soaps."

~ Laura Vaughn, Founder at Piccadilly Bath & Body

From Start to Finish

Our Process

     From start to finish, Piccadilly Bath and Body products are hand-crafted in small batches using the cold process method and only the best ingredients.

     For fragrance and their healing properties, we use only certified pure essential oils and phthalate-free oils. We also ditched the harmful detergents, petroleum-derived products, and any other preservatives and instead chose our very own goat's milk and the traditional lye base. The lye (also called Sodium Hydroxide) is all-natural and is a vital part of helping the liquids and oils to blend together to make our soaps. Once mixed, our soaps are then carefully hand-poured into molds where they are left to cure for five to six weeks. This curing process allows the lye and excess water to fully evaporate, leaving behind our signature soaps full of moisture-rich glycerine, natural oils, and butters.

Our soaps are also paraben- and formaldehyde-free.

Image by Sarah Gualtieri
Image by Nandhu Kumar

Why Goat's Milk?

One Word: Moisture

     "When I started researching alternatives to commonly-used moisturizers, I came across one website that recommended substituting goat's milk. And then another. And another! I learned how the rich cream and natural proteins in goat's milk added several moisturizing properties that other options like water simply can't achieve, providing several vitamins including vitamins A, E, C, and even some B vitamins; it's also a great source for nourishing elements like amino and citric acids, unsaturated fatty acids, and zinc.

     Not long after I started using our goat's milk soap, the rash on my cheeks started going away. In fact, after only using it for a short time, it completely went away! I also noticed my skin didn't feel tight and dry like it used to with other products."

Not only is goat's milk soap useful for treating dry, sensitive skin, but some have even shared it can also help relieve other skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Not Just Soap

"I had another idea..."

"After I started seeing how much the goat's milk soaps were helping, I had another idea: lotion!"

So Laura set out to create another great product, our signature goat's milk lotions. Like our soaps, Piccadilly's lotions are all made by hand with natural oils, butters, and yes... our goat's milk. And like our soaps, our all-natural lotions are also paraben-free and don't contain any irritating dyes, fragrances, or other harmful chemicals.

Ready to experience the difference?


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